Custom Truck Solutions

Custom Automotive Restyling

Here at CTS, we specialize in the Custom Automotive Painting industry. We use only new OEM parts bought from the dealer and paint with PPG exclusively. We value your business, and look forward to hearing from you!

We value customer satisfaction. Our products carry a 45 day repair/ replace warranty from the date of purchase. Rock chips, abuse, pressure washing damage, ect. are not covered in this warranty. All sales are final, so before placing your order ensure all data is correct. Ensure that the color combinations you are requesting are possible by either emailing us beforehand or checking on your vehicle (I.e. Requesting the blue part of an emblem to be chrome) we are not responsible for mishaps in an order because of this. In the event of this happening, the next best alternative to the requested style will be sent out. We only offer gloss finishes, those requesting matte/ satin will receive a gloss finish. Also, if a standard color such as "red" is requested, without a paint code given, we will use the most common ordered shade of red to fill the order (please provide a paint code). 

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