Custom Truck Solutions

Custom Automotive Restyling


How do I order?

     To place an order, simply visit our webstore (link above), select the product you would like, type in the              special instructions box what color you would like, and click add to cart. 

How do I specify what colors I would like?

     To specify a color, simply indicate a background color (What used to be blue) and an accent color (What used to be chrome) in the special instructions box within each products page before adding it to your cart. A simple format would be "Background: UH, Accents: E4", or for the chrome accent emblems a good specification would be "Background: E4, Accents: Chrome"

How can I find my paint code?

     Your paint code is located in your drivers door jam beside EXT PNT for Ford vehicles. It will be in a format such as UH, E4, YZ, ect. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

     We try our best to get each and every order out as soon as possible. Statistically speaking, around 95% of our orders make it into the mail within 1 week of purchase. 

What method of shipping does CTS use?

     We use USPS Priority mail, and most US orders are delivered on average within 3-4 days once the tracking number is emailed to you. 

Where do we ship to?

     We proudly offer our services to every USA state and territory as well as all of Canada. 

What brand of clear coat do you use?

     We use PPG exclusively. 

Do I have to send you my emblems, or do you provide different ones?

     There is no need to send us anything once your order is placed. We purchase completely new parts from the dealer, so that quality is guaranteed for each and every customer.